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Best Office 2008

Hellmann Speicher 3

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, in cooperation with igk Krabbe and the architectural firm Kolde, won the national “Best Office Award 2008” for its “Speicher 3”.

WirtschaftsWoche: winner in the category "National"
from office to tree house

Task: Conversion of a historical harbour warehouse Visionary
The client had a vision of a new office landscape: “Doing business means networking people. And people network best when they feel at home.” This needs broad communication channels, incorporated into a relaxed work atmosphere that is both intimate and conducive to concentration and creativity. The new office does not have fixed workplaces. An old harbour warehouse from the thirties was used for this project. Is this possible?

Meeting specifications without restricting visions
It goes without saying that we keep to plans, deadlines and costs. But this should not restrict the client’s visions. Hellmann’s Speicher 3 brings people together and provides maximum flexibility. It has mobile workplaces to enable simple reconfiguration of teams, spaces for the casual exchange of creativity and quiet zones. It is rich in variety, yet always intimate and inspiring.

Offering creative solutions that go beyond the construction project
The new office architecture creates an interface between the individual and the community. Employees switch back and forth between concentrating on work and open communication. This leads to more efficient work, the quicker integration of resources and higher performance. We always find a creative way to reach an optimal result.

Creating a more casual atmosphere while staying grounded
By passionately thinking beyond planning and construction, we inspire our client’s commercial goals. But we also consider the foundation on which everything else is built: the people. Employees are therefore all kept “on board”. Their opinion about the revolutionary office design was unanimous: “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

Buildings should evolve and be efficient, just like nature. Our solid foundation of experience and responsibility allows us to reach this goal. This gives space for fantasy and innovative ideas. Thus a building was created that attracts attention, inspires employees with its innovative working atmosphere, and incorporates the company’s motto while simultaneously blending in harmoniously with its environment.

Job completed: the office landscape of the future
It is possible! Architectural services included structural analyses, planning law management, profitability analyses, gutting the old building, planning pathway connections, and lighting and window design. Through the inspired collaboration between the client, the igk team and the interior architect, we were able to create the ideal platform for an entirely new working structure. The igk architects came up with the catchy working title “Wohnzimmer-Bürolandschaft [office-space lounge]” for the office’s unconventional team areas with flexible communication, separate rooms for concentration, and quiet zones. The design acknowledges the fact that everyone has different needs.