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FirmenGärten 2009 in Osnabrück for our corporate garden

»FirmenGärten« the corporate garden competition

The corporate garden at igk Krabbe earned second place for the most beautiful corporate gardens of 2009 in Osnabrück.

The “FirmenGärten” competition is organised in cooperation with the Association for Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Field Construction, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Osnabrück-Emsland, the Chamber of Trades Osnabrück-Emsland, the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, the German Federal Foundation for Environmental Conservation (DBU), the Osnabrück Marketing Company, the Osnabrück Office of Business Development and the Federation of German Landscape Architects. This initiative aims to heighten the perception of quality garden landscaping, to promote the exchange of information, to publicly display outstanding examples, and to recognise dedication to quality landscaping.

The award ceremony 
The competition’s sponsors – Boris Pistorius, Mayor of Osnabrück, and Dr. Fritz Brickwedde, DBU Secretary General – presented the award for the best corporate garden in the autumn of 2009.

Around 30 years ago there was just a single run-down hay barn on the company’s 10,700 m² property. The founder and namesake of the company, Werner Krabbe, who was trained as a carpenter, carefully restored the historical building. Over the years, more and more half-timbered houses from the surrounding Artland were added and became offices for our architects and engineers.

Concepts such as “green business cards” and “working outdoors” have gained importance with the company’s position as a green enterprise. The design of the green spaces on company property is thus an important topic. Companies recognise that gardens and an attractive environment have a positive effect on the working climate and on clients. The resulting corporate gardens in and around Osnabrück vary greatly in their design, size and quality.

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