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Sparkasse Sports Award


igk Krabbe - Sportabzeichen
igk Krabbe - Sportabzeichen

We are the German runners-up!
igk Krabbe took second place in the nationwide sports award competition in the category “companies”, which was hosted by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the German Savings Banks Finance Group.

Winners were those companies with the most awards according to the number of employees. The competition consists of five disciplines that test the participants coordination skills and endurance.

Our employees’ health is very important to us. To show our appreciation, for years we have been giving bonuses to employees who receive the German Sports Awards. Fitness has become essential to our team, it empowers every one of us.

“We take fitness seriously!” We are reminded of this whenever we have to overcome unusual challenges.

That’s why the slogan holds true for our architectural achievements: “At the top in every area!” But there are other values that are just as important to us. Considering every aspect of the client’s project, enthusiasm, carefully contemplating the task at hand, and having the creative ability required to solve apparently insurmountable challenges are all aspects of the extra quality needed to get the job done. Not only can you put your complete trust in our precise attention to detail when realising your vision, but you can also rely on our years of experience in finding complex solutions for projects of all sizes.

This is all rounded off with a beautifully landscaped garden at our headquarters. The quality of our work and our satisfaction are improved by the proximity to nature, our commitment to fitness and balanced lives, and the fascination we have for our work.

Top services on the outside, and on the inside the pleasure we experience when achieving our goals – this combination enables us to be true to our claim: We make your vision a reality!