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Ihr Platz, Osnabrück

Construction of a service centre

builder-owner: Fa. Frömbling GmbH & Co.

building area: 4200 m²

floor area: 10550 m²

Volume: 94,310 m³

Construction time: 10 months
Year built: 2004

The Frömbling company (Ihr Platz) has been our client for 40 years. The service centre depicted here was originally located in a commercial zone surrounded by houses. In order to avoid the appearance of “16 m of sheet metal” on a green field, we have structured the façade horizontally and harmonised the building with the surrounding houses. A fully automated satellite warehouse is located in the left part of the building.

Service phases

  1. Preliminary assessment
  2. Preliminary design planning
  3. Design planning
  4. Planning for permit applications
  5. Construction planning
  6. Preparation of tenders
  7. Assistance in tenders
  8. Site supervision
  9. Property maintenance