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Team – the people behind the name

We are a strong and highly motivated team of over 50 architects and construction engineers. The entire igk team is gathered at a single location in order to help you realise your vision as efficiently as possible – from the very first idea to design planing, structural planning, statics, tendering, project and site management, and invoicing.

Management and authorised signatories

Uwe Krabbe

Christoph Dieckmann

Thomas Hafer
Authorised signatory

Norbert Reisige
Authorised signatory

Design, permit and construction planning

Michaela Detert

Eckart Ditting

Rolf Altrogge

Andreas Kemper

Sonja Lepper

Helge Krabbe

Yvonne Unbehaun

Majda Redzepagic

Tim Aufdemkamp

Eugen Müller

Melanie Schwarting

Jasmin Thies

Yvonne Grafunder

Waldemar Gall

Dagmar Bußmann

Pierpaolo Previti

Kira Wieczorek

Structural planning

Axel Schmidt

Vitali Ruppel

Melanie Schwarting


Andreas Haase

Daniel Schweer

Gerrit Lehmkuhl

Site management/invoices

Hubert Ahlers

Magnus Hellige

Alexander Kalmykow

Helge Krabbe

Damla Krabbe

Philipp Stolle

Angela Thielbeer

Lennard Henke


Hubert Drees

Volker Hoffmann

Anneke Eisele

Ema Hot Dedic

Olga Demidova

Daniel Wolken

Meik Lichtner


Christoph Dieckmann

Sonja Lepper

Thomas Hafer

Norbert Reisige

Michaela Detert

Bleike Krabbe


Marita Babis

Christine Meyer

Birgit Kock

Gabriele Zach


Fabian Langemeyer