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Wir über uns

»With us, you only get pleasant surprises!«

»As an industrial project planner, we are the perfect partner for complex building projects and processes. We make visions a reality with craft-like precision and provide cost-neutral options for project optimisation right up to completion. With us, you get only pleasant surprises!«

Uwe Krabbe, architect from Osnabrück

»We combine meeting requirements with a sense of responsibility!«

»For us, guaranteeing planning, deadlines and costs goes without saying!” More importantly, we are almost always able to cut time and costs. These savings go directly to the client because we see ourselves as their trustees.«

Christoph Dieckmann,architect from Osnabrück

»First point of contact«

»We accompany and support our builders from the initial brainstorming to the turnkey completion and are the first contact during the entire planning and construction process. Our customers rely on us and continue to focus on their business..«

Bleike Krabbe, Commercial Director, B.A.

»Quality in construction!«

»We place great value to the precise implementation of the planning and corresponding quality control and documentation during the build. We can carry out virtually any optimization requests made by the builder during the planning phase before implementation, while adhering to the budget and time frame.«

Helge Krabbe, Structural Engineer, B.E.

»We take the load from others’ shoulders!«

»We spare our clients the many problems with authorities and neighbours by communicating and presenting solutions openly and clearly. We have the common good on our minds from the very beginning.«

Thomas Hafer, architect from Osnabrück

»Moving forward by being creative!«

»We are dedicated to our clients’ visions. By openly approaching apparently contradictory problems, we move forward by being creative. This helps us unify seemingly incompatible elements into one design!«

Norbert Reisige, engineer

Client testimonials

Impressions of the 2015 iba trade fair

As a planner for industrial and commercial construction projects, we have been planning buildings and logistics for clients from many different sectors since 1959. Based on this wealth of experience we advised experts from the bakery goods, confectionery and snacks industry at the iba 2015, the world’s leading trade fair for this sector.