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You determine your own development!

Are you ready ...

  • to happily accept responsibility?
  • to implement new technologies that benefit our clients and our environment?
  • for personal development where you set your own goals?

As a family-owned business, our 50 employees are very important to us. We offer a modern work place among the beauty of our own garden which was named the best corporate garden in Lower Saxony and Bremen in 2014.

To boost our community spirit, we regularly organise company events. In previous years we have travelled to Rome, sailed on the IJsselmeer, had fun in an old town in the Wild West and enjoyed nature close-up while hiking in the Alps.

Our employees have the opportunity to participate in individual and team coaching sessions where they can get to know themselves and their colleagues better, allowing our team to become more integrated and to respond to our customers needs more competently.

Our employees’ health is a very important matter to us. To show our appreciation, for years we have been giving bonuses to employees who receive the German Sports Awards. Fitness has become essential to our team, it empowers every one of us. For this reason, we are a member of Hansefit, a corporate fitness network that allows our employees to use numerous fitness studios and swimming pools for a small fee. We also provide seasonal fruit and vegetables from our own organic garden, which is cared for by our own gardener.

Last but not least, our 30 percent profit sharing programme allows all of our employees to benefit from our mutually earned success.

Employee testimonials

“igk gave me the unique chance to continuously develop personally and professionally. They offer me the opportunity to successfully participate in amazing projects and visions. And last but not least, the igk team spirit and great colleagues are the reason why I love working here.”

Sonja Lepper

“A job with lots of variety located in a traditional half-timbered house with new, quiet offices that offer a relaxing ambience and the opportunity to tap fresh energy by power napping, or taking a stroll through our mini park to get some fresh air: Where else can you find something this nice?!”

Christine Meyer  

“I’ve been at igk for a long time. I think that we are a great team, from planning to handing over the keys. Many of our clients recommend us with praise and recognition for what we have achieved because they are delighted with their new building with all the latest technical features. Everyone at igk is willing to help one another and is always ready with a solution to a problem. It has a very friendly atmosphere. Established in 1959 by Werner Krabbe, igk will soon be in its third generation as a family business. The company is now 56 years old – that can only be a good omen. The founder would be very proud of us!”

Marita Babis


As architects and engineers, we feel a deep connection to the rooms in which we live and work and to the rooms we build for our clients. Whether its industrial buildings or the environment surrounding us, it is our responsibility to lower energy costs and integrate sustainability into our projects. Environmental awareness always begins at home. That is why, in order to consume sustainable energy, we have installed a photovoltaic system at one of our office buildings.

Our facility with a power rating of 35 kWp is the result of constantly searching for new opportunities for optimisation. We use solar power for our daily work and for charging our electric company cars, allowing them to be driven emission free by the power of the sun.

Here you can find out more about our company and the environment.

Creative base

Our headquarters in Osnabrück surprises everyone with its idyllic park lands and carefully restored half-timbered houses that are equipped with the latest technology and supported by highly sophisticated software. This is the ideal environment for creative development, careful attention to detail and complex problem solving to seemingly insurmountable challenges.