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Our close partners

We have been successfully realising the visions of our clients for years with our close partners in the fields of electrics, heating, ventilation and plumbing, and logistics.


Consultant engineers VBI VDE electrical engineering
Berlin - Leipzig - Hamburg - Lage/Bielefeld 

ISR is an independent planning firm for the technical outfitting of buildings and property. It specialises in electrical engineering.

SR provides consultation and planning services as well as monitoring services for all types of electrical, telecommunications, and IT systems used in your project. Their services include indoor and outdoor high- and low-current systems, high- and medium-voltage systems, telecommunications systems, IT networks (LAN, MAN, WAN), material handling, EMC and phone tapping protection, media technologies and lighting design.

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With around 20 employees, Jager + Partner have advised and assisted architects and owner-builders nationwide for 40 years from their headquarters in Osnabrück.

The engineering services that Jager + Partner provides include all types of technical installations for energy, heating, ventilation and plumbing.

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CiC Concept Industrie Consult GmbH is an independent planning and consultancy firm for factory planning, logistics and organisational consulting. CiC assists in site planning, business structure planning and system planning in the areas of production, warehouse technology, administration and layout design. They also provide operational and organisational consulting, reorganisation consulting, information flow planning, office organisation and warehouse administration optimisation services.

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Sporting support in the region

As part of the "Entrepreneur Friends Lila Weiss" we support the VFL Osnabrück in his sporting achievements, successes and of course setbacks.