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Team – the people behind the name

We are a strong and highly motivated team of over 50 architects and construction engineers. The entire igk team is gathered at a single location in order to help you realise your vision as efficiently as possible – from the very first idea to design planing, structural planning, statics, tendering, project and site management, and invoicing.

At this point you could see our 50 employees from all areas of our company until recently. Since we train our employees well and realize your visions with highly qualified employees, we have also become a sought-after contact point for every headhunter. Unfortunately, in the last few months the number of daily "headhunter calls" has increased so drastically that our employees feel pressured. In order to protect our employees and to be able to guarantee a trouble-free working day, we have decided not to publish employee photos at this point any more. Even if it is no longer visible on this website, our team is still fully available and looks forward to realizing your visions.