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General planning

As a service provider we make your vision a reality. We see ourselves as your trustees. If you wish, we will gladly assist you in your responsibilities as a building contractor. In order for you to concentrate on your daily business, we will gladly take over the general planning, including countless tasks such as the coordination of all parties involved in planning (e.g. banks, engineers, surveyors and public authorities). You can always rely on us. Our planning involves:

  • project management
  • architectural planning and statics, site management
  • services (plumbing, heating, electrics, refrigeration)
  • logistics


We are at your side from the very beginning. You will always benefit from our expertise. Even before the actual planning has begun, we are there with advice to help you get your project started – because the beginnings are so important for a project's success.

  • Preliminary assessment
  • Special consultation with regard to the building site
  • Preparing requirement specifications
  • Planning and building regulations, fire safety regulations, emission regulations, noise regulations, development
  • Inspecting prospective properties
  • Strategic advice with regard to key decisions
  • Environmentally friendly construction
  • Energy consultation
  • BImSchG (German Federal Immission Control Act)


We take a different approach than other architectural planners: we begin by planning the planning. We structure the sequence of the planning process into planning groups and meetings in order to stay on schedule and keep costs under control. We do this either in our fully equipped conference rooms or at your own offices.

  • Planning the planning
  • Planning logistics
  • Preliminary design planning
  • Design planning
  • Cost estimation
  • Structural planning
  • Planning for permit applications
  • Schedule coordination
  • Cost calculation
  • Construction planning
  • Project management


We will also assist you when it comes to obtaining permits. By having preliminary meetings with the authorities, we will ensure that there is no delay in issuing your permits. In addition, we will also prepare all required documents required for obtaining your permits and, if required, suggest and help you select the necessary experts.

  • Coordination with the authorities
  • Permit templates
  • BImSchG (German Federal Immission Control Act) procedures
  • Building applications
  • Drainage applications
  • Preparing test-ready statics


Everything under control during the construction phase. Our planning staff coordinates all of those involved in construction so that you require just a single point of contact who is responsible for making sure that all phases of construction run smoothly.

  • Project management
  • Tendering and contracts
  • Coordination
  • Site management
  • Construction site logistics