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Wessels+Müller, Osnabrück

Construction of the CV central warehouse with administration offices and a sales outlet

builder-owner: Wessels+Müller KG

building area: 10191 m²

floor area: 13973 m²

Volume: 39,000 m³

Construction time: 11 months

The renowned automotive parts wholesaler Wessels+Müller has been hiring us for the planning and site management of their central warehouses, administration offices and decentralised sales outlets throughout northern and middle Germany since 1978, when we were still in our second generation. One example of this successful cooperation is the CV central warehouse (CV = commercial vehicle) in Osnabrück, where the company’s headquarters are located.

Service phases

  1. Preliminary assessment
  2. Preliminary design planning
  3. Design planning
  4. Planning for permit applications
  5. Construction planning
  6. Preparation of tenders
  7. Assistance in tenders
  8. Site supervision
  9. Property maintenance